The Cooper School Daily

Summer Time

Saying Goodbye

Second Grade has been busy wrapping up the year and saying our goodbyes, for now. Each day during Morning Meeting, we have been sharing what we are excited to do this summer. Here are some of their answers: “Going to see my grandparents”, “baseball camp”, “sleepovers”, “moving to Virginia”, and “trips to the library with my mom”.  We sure are going to miss our sweet students, but they definitely have earned a long, relaxing break with their family and friends.

Field Day

This year’s Field Day was one for the books!! Cooper School students were grouped with students from all grades to have a little fun and play some competitive games created by our Fifth Grade friends. Some of the student favorites included Ping-Pong Kleenex, Down the Mississippi, Snowy Mountain Climb, and Toss it Mate. It is so nice to see friendships grow amongst students in all different grades. The thoughtfulness of the older students and the way they care for the younger students is really a special and moving sight to behold. It is something that is truly unique and remarkable at The Cooper School.

1st Grade Letters

As we reflected on all the amazing things we have learned this year, we decided that we MUST share these tips and knowledge with the upcoming Second Grade class. Students shared tips for Rocket Math speediness, how to follow procedures, rock climbing pointers, and all the fun projects and field trips to look forward to. Our now 3rd Graders (!!!) will receive their letter on the first day of school next year from the current 3rd grade class.