The Cooper School Daily

This week in Second Grade!

Guest Expert: Neurologist!

This week Lucas’s mom, Dr. Lidia visited our class to teach us about being a doctor. Dr. Lidia is a neurologist, and students were very eager to learn all about the brain! She taught us all about different types of doctors and how they help our community. Dr. Lidia even brought her tools to show us how she uses them to help people! Second graders even got the chance to use them on each other! Students learned all about the brain and how there are many different types of doctors and how they all help in different ways! 

Cooper Village Under Construction!

Construction is underway in Cooper Village! Students have begun painting their milk cartons to begin building their businesses! Working together they decided the number of cartons they needed for their businesses to be successful. After painting their cartons, groups had a chance to begin choosing the materials they will use to construct their buildings. They need to decide flooring, roofing, and what types of windows, all staying under a budget. Second graders are excited for the building process to grow and see their village come to life!

Guest Expert: Clothing Store Owner!

Second graders had a special visit from store owner, Ms. Erin Abagnale. Second graders learned all about the importance of having a clothing store in our community. As well as all the jobs and business that goes behind owning and selling clothes. Second graders had so many questions for our guest expert to learn all about clothing stores! Students were shocked to find out all the different parts that go into owning and selling clothes at a clothing store! 

Important Dates: 

February 14 – Bake Sale, Book Fair, and Bingo! (1:15pm-2:45pm)

February 16- 2nd Grade Social (3pm-4pm)

February 20-21 – February Break (No School)