The Cooper School Daily

Studying Authors in Second Grade

Kevin Henkes

This week Second Graders wrapped-up their Kevin Henkes author study. Each day during Reading Workshop, scholars choose a different Henkes book to read independently or with a partner. Brave readers reflected upon the daily reading objective and composed written responses each day in their reading response journals. Students have been busy identifying characters, character traits, conflicts, resolutions, and morals all while providing evidence from the various texts. Second Grade scholars know to use the text and illustrations to support their responses. These brave readers have been digging deep to gain a better understanding of the books and the characters Kevin Henkes has created. Ask your Second Grader which Kevin Henkes book was their favorite!

Elephant and Piggie on Stage

On Tuesday, Second Graders integrated the arts by taking a study trip to the newly renovated Gilliard Center to watch the beloved theatre production staring Gerald and Piggie. Elephant and Piggie’s, We Are In a Play is based on the popular and well-loved book series by Mo Willems. Both children and adults are drawn to the simplicity and silliness of these books. Second Graders were thrilled when they found out that they were going to see their favorite characters brought to life on stage! The show featured six books from the Elephant and Piggie series. Second Graders enjoyed naming the different books as the topics and themes were dramatized on stage. Students chuckled when Piggie got invited to a party, and laughed as Gerald learned a crazy new dance. Although each Elephant and Piggie book has a different moral, the overall lesson emphasized throughout this series teaches readers how good it feels to put friends first.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

This week during whole school morning meeting students discussed the legacy and importance of Martin Luther King Jr.  Scholars shared what they knew about the life and achievements of this American civil rights leader that we celebrate on the third Monday in January. They watched a portion of his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and discussed his unique peaceful stance on equal rights. Students discussed the changes to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States that were brought about by this brave man.

Important Dates

Monday, January 25th                      Non-uniform Day

Friday, Juaray 29th                           Art Walk – 8:00 to 9:00