The Cooper School Daily

Third Grade Self Reflection !!!

Student Led Conferences  

Third Graders really blew us away this week with their ability to lead conferences on their own. We loved seeing students give their parents a peek into their daily lives by teaching them a math game, explaining all of the pieces that went into our Asia study, and walking them through their self-assessments. We are so proud of all of the growth we have seen in our Third Graders this year.  


Students were thrilled to start their next Science unit this week, Structures of Life. Third Grade kicked off their study by looking at the beginning of all plant life: seeds. Students had the opportunity to dissect bean pods, comparing both the size and number of beans in each pod. Third graders were thrilled to learn that a seed contains a baby plant in a dormant state.Third Graders were even more excited for the chance to dissect an assortment of other fruits. We were very impressed with all of the detail they put into their comparisons of seeds across different fruits!


This week, Third Grade officially kicked off our Poetry study. In Reading, students began looking at examples of all types of poetry. Students have felt inspired by all of the poetry they have gotten their hands on. Using all of their findings, students have begun writing poetry of their own!    

Important Dates: 

  • March 28 – April 1- Spring Break