Lauren is returning to The Cooper School as the 4th grade teacher.  She is originally from Spartanburg, SC and has been living in Charleston for 6 years.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South in 2012 and her M.A.T. in Elementary Education from College of Charleston. Lauren enjoys integrating the arts into all subjects as well as meaningful fun learning experiences for students. She is so excited to be back at The Cooper School this year full-time!  During her spare time, Lauren enjoys cooking, going to the beach and walking her dog, Brie.

Adventure Week! April 18, 2019







Who’s up for paddle boarding & kayaking in the Lowcountry?

Fourth Grade joined Fifth Grade for our first field trip to James Island County Park for SUP and kayaking lessons. We had a blast! We started with paddle boarding and students learned the proper way to sit, stand and kneel on their boards and how to do a pivot turn.  We had beautiful weather and a lovely day on the water! Please ask your child about this wonderful adventure on the water.


Gearing up for Poet Muse!

Fourth Graders have been working diligently on their upcoming Poet Muse projects. During this project, each student chooses a poet they are inspired by and learn about their lives and poetry. The culminating project includes a slideshow about their poets’ lives, a memorized recitation of one of their poet’s poems, and a poem they write inspired by their poet. Students are getting ready to present this to their parents. Please ask your child one fact they’ve learned about their poet muse.  






Prepping for Prepositions!

This week, Fourth Graders learned all about prepositions! We started out by having students listen to the famous song, “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Once the song ended, students pointed out the prepositions, which were present throughout the song. Scholars were able to identify prepositions in new key phrases and loved sharing how prepositions enhance writing skills. We love prepositions! Please ask your child if they can easily identify a preposition.





Important Dates:

  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Wednesday, 4/24 Poet Muse Presentation
  • Thursday, 4/25 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction
  • Friday, 5/10 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 5/10 Pass It On (5pm-6pm @ The Scottish Rite)



Amazing Africa! April 12, 2019


This week, our Fourth Grade scholars leaped into a new social studies unit! Students have begun studying the 2nd largest continent, Africa, and its 54 countries. They labeled each country on a blank map with the assistance of a world atlas and color coded each country. They were fascinated by the length of the Nile River, the height of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the severe conditions of the Sahara Desert. Finally, students studied Biomes of Africa and of course, labeled each Biome from Africa’s deserts to its tropical rainforest. Please ask your child to identify a country in Africa.






What’s for Lunch?

Students were thinking about healthy eating habits, that fuel the brain. We had an interactive  group discussion about brainfood and how specific foods affect your mood and energy levels. Our nutritionists identified how their bodies feel when they eat too much, not enough or just the right amount. Our environmentally aware scholars have been actively composting in efforts to take care of their immediate surroundings. This conservation activity reminds students about reducing the impact of wasted food. Please ask your child about brainfood and how it is connected to a healthy growth mindset.




Finding Inspiration from a Mentor!

Fourth Graders designed a poem inspired by their favorite poet. Each student studied the poetry from a professional poet and drew inspiration from their special mentor. Our Fourth Grade poets were prompted to incorporate poetic elements into their pieces, which included metaphors, repetitive words and descriptive language. The process of creating a poem based on another persons poem, sparked a challenge in each student and they rose to the challenge. Please ask your child about the process of writing a poem and what motivates them to start a poem.



Important Dates:


  • Thursday, 4/18 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Wednesday, 4/24 Poet Muse
  • Thursday, 4/25 SUP & Kayaking Trip
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction
  • Friday, 5/10 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, 5/10 Pass It On (5pm-6pm @ The Scottish Rite)




Bugging Out! April 5, 2019

Optimism is the ultimate brain food for Growth Mindset!

Our scholars have been studying the science behind optimism and are currently taking this concept a step further! Fourth Graders learned how the brain works in relation to a positive growth mindset. They grasped the concept that their abilities and talents can be developed through positive talk, effort and persistence. Students broke into brain groups and shared a function of each part of the brain. For example: The Frontal Lobe group shared memories since memory is a key function of this part of the brain. Students inspected a diagram of the brain and then labeled the different lobes of the brain to conclude the activity. Please ask your child about their growth mindset motto!



Bugging Out!

Our mathematicians were busy creating line plots with ⅛ inch increments for their insect measuring activity. The insects, which were featured in their Math journals ranged from the Green Lacewing to the Short-Tailed Duck Darter Dragonfly. Students measured the insects bodies rather than wingspans. To round off the activity, students charted their findings and included a title and a label. The main objective was to encourage students to use a Line Plot to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions. Please ask your child which insect was the most challenging to measure.



The Sun, Moon, and Stars Finale!

Our astronomers are winding down from a wonderful journey into the outer reaches of space! Fourth Graders have studied how the Sun impacts their daily lives, how shadows are created, the Lunar phases and the difference between a New Moon and a Waning Gibbous Moon. Scholars studied in depth about different constellations that are seen in the night sky during specific seasons. Our scholars read an online Charleston, Sun and Moon chart every class to track how many hours and minutes of daylight exist in South Carolina. They soared to new heights during this science unit and a few highlights included the virtual tour of the International Space Station (ISS) in 3-D, sitting inside the mobile Planetarium, recording the Moon phases and watching the Goddard Space Station video. Please ask your child about their most memorable moment of this unit.


Important Dates:


  • Saturday, 4/6 Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)
  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School
  • Thursday, 4/25 Spring Auction



March 22, 2019

The Road Not Taken!

This week, our poetry centers were a hit with Fourth Graders. This is a time for students to participate in hands-on enrichment activities related to the week’s curriculum. Students were offered several poetry centers. The “Illustrate a Line” center was a place for students to read a poem with strong imagery and illustrate what they saw in their mind. The Memorization Center was all about memorizing poems and reciting them aloud, from memory. At the Reading Center, students were able to read poetry independently or with a partner and pick a favorite poem to copy on a beautiful piece of paper. We are loving this time to explore poetry! Please ask your child about their poetic experiences thus far!  



Space Stations!

Fourth Graders got crafty at our Space Station Centers, this week. Our astronomers created sophisticated rockets out of legos, crafted handmade telescopes from construction paper and fine art materials, and embarked on a NASA mission through Seesaw. Students investigated the International Space Station, Hubble Telescope, the Curiosity Mars Rover and the Parker Solar Probe. After exploring a topic by reading, looking at images and watching videos, they were prompted to choose one photo they felt represented the topic, save the image to their camera roll and upload it to their Seesaw journal. Finally they included a caption describing the photo and its importance to the topic. Please ask your child about their experience in each space center.



Fourth Graders Feeling Optimistic!

This week, optimistic attitudes were on the forefront of our students minds! Our scholars expressed how they normally cope with challenges. Students tapped into their internal responses to difficult tasks and how they could use optimism as a tool to help them achieve certain goals. Our morning message included a note about specific phrases that students might say to themselves when facing hurdles. For example, “I give up” or “I can’t do it.” To turn these negative thoughts into positive thoughts, students shared optimistic phrases of encouragement, such as, “I’ll still try” and, “You might not be able to do this yet, but you will in the future.” We encouraged our scholars to keep these pockets of optimism with them throughout the week. Please ask your child about what it means to be optimistic.




Important Dates:

  • Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School
  • Saturday, 4/6 Spring Planting Party
  • Friday, 4/19-Monday, 4/22 April Break-No School


Take me to the Moon! March 15, 2019

Who’s ready to climb inside the planetarium?

Fourth Graders huddled close together inside a spectacular planetarium dome this week. Andy Cohen from Dome Education set up his portable planetarium where students could view lunar phases, eclipses and tides, projected onto the walls of the dome. The second portion of the program was dedicated to the seasons, constellations, and the position and motion of the planets. One spectacular highlight from this experience were the mythological stories behind the constellations! Our scholars were spellbound by the projected constellations cast across the entire dome. We could almost reach out and touch the stars. Please ask your child what they enjoyed most about the planetarium experience.


Changing one word at a time!

Using precise language in a poem can make all the difference in the world to the poet and to their reader. Our poets were handed the challenge of revising one word or a line in one of their collection of poems. By using precise wording, students were able to accurately relay their thoughts to create a stronger meaning for the reader. Fourth Graders have composed impressive poetry thus far, and to choose one to edit was a bit heartbreaking for a few! It was such a joy to hear their newly revised pieces. Please ask your child which one word or line they enhanced.


How tall is a giraffe?

Fourth Graders stretched their necks long and tall just like a Giraffe, for Whole School Morning Meeting this week! A team of Fourth Graders gave a compelling presentation on Giraffe Conservation as part of our Earth Day 2019 project. Each grade was given the task of researching an endangered animal and to introduce the species into a current field of study or future study. Our conservationists informed their curious audience why giraffes are endangered and how to protect them from extinction. Please ask your child one way we can protect giraffes.



Spring Auction Link!

Important Dates:

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School

Saturday, 4/6 Spring Planting Party


March 8, 2019

Lead the Way Fourth Graders!

Fourth Graders were on point this week as they took the lead in the Student Led Conferences. We loved observing each student interact with their parents while guiding them through their portfolios and planned activities. Our Fourth Grade leaders practiced effective communication skills numerous times to ensure they were prepared for the big day. It was exciting to see each student’s enthusiastic attitude towards this event. During class, students honed their public speaking skills as well as their timing skills. The conferences were a huge success and our students reveled in the sheer joy of the entire experience. Please ask your child what their favorite part of the conference was.  


What a Performance!

Fourth Graders were excited to attend the dazzling Black Violin Education Performance. This performance was led by classically trained string players Wil B. (viola) and Kev Marcus (violin). Joining them onstage are DJ SPS and drummer Nat Stokes. The band uses their unique blend of classical and hip-hop music, often described as “classical boom,” to overcome stereotypes and encourage people of all ages, races, and economic backgrounds to join together to break down cultural barriers. The group advocates for educational outreach and in the past 12 months have performed for over 100,000 students in the US and Europe. Black Violin’s Impossible Tour will spread the message that anything is possible and there are no limits to what one can achieve, regardless of circumstance. Please ask your child about their experience at the performance.


Can You Say Onomatopoeia Three Times Fast?

This week, Fourth Graders leaped into poetry and began adding rhythm to their first poems. Our poets were encouraged to incorporate three guiding principles to construct their poems. First, they needed to use repetitive words in a rhythmic tone. Students continued to build a creative poem by using back and forth language to give a sense of continuity to their pieces. Finally, they had to use Onomatopoeia to add depth to their writing. Please ask your child how they were able to create rhythm in their poems.



Important Dates:

Saturday, 3/16- Spring Planting Party

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School



Speedy Spelling!

Fourth Graders participated in a thrilling spelling activity outdoors this week. Our spectacular spellers lined up in their Word Work groups and waited for their teachers to yell start. Each team member would race to a slate, which was set on the bench and we would give them one of their weekly spelling words to spell correctly. Once the word was written down, they would race back to the line and the next speller in their team would run to the slate for the next word. Our scholars showcased sportsmanship by cheering and clapping for their teammates and shook hands with their opponents at the end of the game. Please ask your child, which words of encouragement they used during this amazing spelling race.


Paws for Panda’s!

Our scholars couldn’t resist the adorable Panda’s who graced the cover of this week’s Scholastic News, titled, “Can One Panda Save The Species?” Not only did 4th Graders enjoy reading about preserving the Panda population, but they also sharpened their reading comprehension skills by identifying key words in the text. Students were then encouraged to write a brief synopsis of what they read. They answered the News Review at the end of the piece to complete the challenge. Please ask your child about one fact they learned from reading this week’s Scholastic News!



Dream Big!

Our 4th Graders dreamed big this week as each artist was given the task of creating their own dream house, in Art class. Students brainstormed and drafted designs of their unique creations. Once their blueprints were complete, they eagerly moved to the next step, which was choosing materials to bring their ideas to life. Rulers, sharpie markers and pencils were just a few items artists chose for this creative challenge. 4th Graders designed elaborate dream houses and some created waterparks, hotels or  houses with water slides connecting to each level of the house. Please ask your child about the inspiration behind their dream houses.


Important Dates:

Monday, 3/14-Tuesday, 3/15 Student Led Conferences-Half Days

Saturday, 3/16- Spring Planting Party

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School


February 22, 2019


It’s time to put on your 3D glasses!

Fourth Graders put on their 3D glasses to watch a thrilling 3D tour of the International Space Station, as part of our Sun, Moon and Stars unit. Students were inspired by the tour and were eager to share their reflections with the class. They are learning about the exploration of the solar system and the significance of scientific research. Our class is discovering that the Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite and it rises and sets just like the Sun. Students will be observing the Moon’s Lunar Phase Cycle in the upcoming weeks and charting results each day. There’s a lot we can learn from the Sun, Moon and Stars. Please ask your child about their observations of the 3D tour.



How do you use a protractor to measure an angle?

Fourth Grade students have started to measure angles with a protractor. Our mathematicians are working hard at identifying different types of angles, such as right, reflex, obtuse and acute angles. Students are becoming more comfortable with using this tool to discover answers to difficult problems. Unit 6 has challenged our students to ask questions and utilize interactive methods when approaching each problem. Students were introduced to complementary angles and supplementary angles. Students used their knowledge to solve unknown additive angle problems. Please ask your child about the three different types of angles.


Inspiring historical fiction narratives!

Our historians have been busy creating their historical fiction narratives from scratch! Each scholar began the writing process by filling in a story planner designed to assist with the flow of the story. Fourth Graders use this planner in a thoughtful manner to help them with the writing process, as they develop each piece of the story. Students have been adding historical details of their chosen time period into the setting, character actions and feelings of their stories. Ask your child what time period they chose to write about!


Important Dates:

Monday, 3/14-Tuesday, 3/15 Student Led Conferences-Half Days

Monday, 3/25-Friday, 3/29 Spring Break-No School


February 15, 2019

Celebrating Friendship!

Fourth Graders celebrated friendships in our class by joining forces in a creative activity. Each student made half of a heart with a special design and the goal was to find a friend in the class to match the design. Friends connected together to make one complete heart! Our class has grown together in so many ways and students wanted to showcase their strong bonds by creating these friendship hearts. Please ask your child about the meaning of friendship.


The Benefits of Choir are Something to Sing About!

What a joy it was to hear The Cooper School Choir perform at The Circular Congregational Church, in honor of Valentine’s Day! Fourth Graders have been practicing hard and couldn’t wait to sing for their families and the TCS community. Students have enjoyed rehearsing together since it creates a sense of teamwork and has a positive affect on their well being. The powerful combination of music and education came alive this week. Please ask your child about their experience.


Book Clubs: Historical Fiction Time!

Book clubs are a fan favorite among our 4th Graders and our current theme is WWII. Each book club was assigned one book about the war and are meeting frequently to discuss what they’ve learned from the reading. One book club is diving into, “Behind the Bedroom Wall,” which is about a young girl who finds out that her parents are part of the resistance during the war. The books are full of insightful plots and the conversations between club members are riveting. Please ask your child to discuss with you the book they are reading in their club.


Important Dates:

Monday, 2/18 February Break-No School

Tuesday, 2/19 11:30 Dismissal

Identifying & Investigating! February 8, 2019

Can you read between the lines?

Sometimes authors don’t use exact words to tell the reader what is happening in a story. Fourth Graders watched a short animated video where characters were interacting without speaking. Students were encouraged to infer what the storyline was about. The next activity was to use strategies to infer a non-fiction text. Students learned how to identify the narrator and answer multiple choice questions. Our scholars are continuing to learn different strategies to interpret stories. Students gained a new strategy for test prep, which will help them reach their goals in the short and long term. Please ask your child to identify a strategy they used to interpret the plot of a story.


It’s all about the Sun, Moon, and Stars!

“Each day of our lives, something utterly wonderful happens that most of us take for granted. The Sun comes up, and the Sun goes down.” We are starting the Sun, Moon, and Stars unit in Science! Our scientists have already started discovering interesting facts about the Sun by identifying its path across the sky and the pivotal role the earth plays as it rotates around the Sun. Their first investigation involved tracking the Sun’s position throughout the day, using cardinal directions on a compass. They learned all about objects in the sky and how people retrieve information about things they discover. Our second investigation of the Sun will involve shadow tracking! Please ask your child how many hours of daylight exists from sunrise to sunset, in Charleston, SC.


Obstacle courses can be FUNctional too!

Fourth Graders were in for a surprise during Movement, when we created an intricate relay race/obstacle course. Two teams were created between 4th and 5th Graders. The mission of the obstacle course was to inspire students to work in teams, showcase Motor Memory, follow multi-step directions, and understand time and space. The course included balls, hula hoops and cones. We had students do the following; dribble the soccer ball around a set of cones, roll a hula hoop around blocks, climb up the play structure and down the slide, take a swing on the swingset and race back to the starting line. Once a team member went down the slide, the next one in line could start their turn. Please ask your child about their experience in the relay/obstacle course.  


Important Dates:

Thursday, 2/14 Valentine’s Day Concert

Monday, 2/18 February Break-No School

Tuesday, 2/19 11:30 Dismissal



Annual Fund Update

Thank you so much to all of you who have so generously donated to the Annual Fund. This year, to my delight, the Silent Auction raised more money than ever before. I wanted to take a moment to let you know exactly where your Silent Auction donation dollars are going…

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