The Cooper School Daily

Amazing Adverbs!

Our Scholars Eagerly Jumped Into A Grammar Lesson

This week, students put on their grammar goggles to look deeper into adverbs. Specifically, adverbs that tell “how” in a sentence. Our class learned that adverbs are often formed by adding the letters “-ly” to adjectives. 4th Graders acted out certain adverbs such as calmly, neatly, evenly and silently before forming creative sentences. Our class acted out scenarios, which demonstrated their keen knowledge on adverbs. A few of our grammar gurus acted out putting the pencils in the holder slowly and walking quickly from one side of the room to the other. Please ask your child to use an adverb correctly in a sentence.  

Partial-Quotients Division 

In math, mathematicians solved partial-quotients division problems. Students practiced partial products with multiplication as a precursor to solving partial-quotients division problems. 4th Graders learned that this method can be an efficient method for solving division problems. Once our class worked as a big group to help them understand how to effectively approach these types of problems, each student worked in their math journals where they had to write number models with an unknown to represent the problem. Scholars had to solve the problems using partial-quotients division. Please ask your child about using this method to solve division problems. 

Morning Meeting: Using Their One Word Throughout The Day 

4th Graders were busy revisiting their One Word which they created for the New Year in Morning Meeting this week. Each student was encouraged to think about the word they chose and how they could integrate it into their day. Our class then reflected and shared thoughts with their peers about their words, such as Confident, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Cherish, Finish and Explore. One student’s word was Cherish and she chose to reflect on fond personal memories and cherish her friends at TCS. Please ask your child about their special word and how it has impacted their day. 

Important Dates: 

Monday, 3/2 Student Led Conferences 

Tuesday, 3/3 Student Led Conferences 

Saturday, 3/14 Spring Planting Party

Monday-Friday, 3/23-3/27 Spring Break (No School)