The Cooper School Daily

Identifying Bones in Fourth!

Photos Below: Fourth Graders dissect owl pellets containing rodent bones.  As they work together to deconstruct the pellet, they find rodent bones that share similar characteristics to that of human bones.  

Science: Fourth Grade scientists continued their study of the human body this week by observing and investigating the human skeletal system of both humans and rodents! In their investigation, scholars dissected owl pellets to compare bone similarities and bone differences in both groups. It turns out humans and rodents have a great many bones in common in their skeletal systems.  Students illustrated and described the size, shape, color and texture of their owl pellet, as well as detailed their findings inside.  

Writing Workshop

This week in Writing Workshop, students began putting together their hand written informational books on the American Revolution.  These books will be in the form of children’s books and will be dedicated to our TCS Kindergarteners.  Students researched topics in the American Revolution and adapted the concepts for our Kinder friends, so that they can better understand this fascinating time in American History! While we will be unable to present this project to students in person, this unique way of  sharing information will be a treat for both our authors and our readers.  

Giving Back

Fourth Graders have been exploring ways to build community both within TCS and within our greater community. In our Morning Meetings, we have been brainstorming ways our class could collectively contribute to making Charleston a safer, happier, healthier place to those in need during COVID-19.  Students in both classes suggested we could contribute food items to our local blessing boxes to help combat food insecurity.  We know that many TCS families take part in this, however we would like to contribute together as a class.  Miss Brooke and I will deliver these goods to our local blessing boxes.  Students thought this would be a special way to celebrate by bringing these items to next week’s 4th grade social.  This is not a requirement, but we invite you to send in any of the following items with your fourth grader if they would like to take part in this initiative!  Here are items the Blessing Box requests:

  • Canned foods with ring pull tops
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Bottled Water
  • Crackers
  • Small Snacks

Important Dates: 

Thursday, February 4th: 4th Grade Class Social (3pm-4pm)

February Break: Mon. Feb 15th & Tue. Feb 16th (No School)